Moving Home Tips and Advice

So you have bought the property of your dreams and sealed the deal but you still need to move in. Are you stuck on what to do next? Then do not worry as at CB Removals, we have combined our many years of expertise to help our customers move property quickly and without any stress.

Prior to the Move

First’s thing first, you should inspect your belongings and start the process of de-cluttering your home. You will be surprised on how much clutter a home can accumulate in the space of time. So whether it’s old rusty tools, toys, or other bric-a-brac, you should get rid of it (Ebay is a popular option to get of items). Clearing out items will allow you to start afresh in your new property. During this process, make a list of items you wish to keep from every room in the house.

Afterwards with your list, the next step to take will be to give CB Removals a call on 01202 979 035 or email us at: . From here we can begin to gauge which van would be most suitable for your removal. We will also visit your home to help us know which van is most suitable for the size of your belongings. You will also be assigned a specific contact who will help answer all of your questions about the move.

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During our visit, we can also offer advice on packaging and storage, as we understand that you will want your valuables well protected. Customers with CB Removals can take advantage of our excellent packaging service that will protect all your breakable and general items from the moving process. We use the following items for packaging:


polystyrene chips

bubble wrap

reinforced boxes

double walled cartons

We have also included within our packaging service, dismantling of appliances and furniture and reassembly in your new property.

Do you want to do your own packing? Then do not worry, as we can supply you with sturdy and strong materials to protect all of your belongings.  If customers do their own packing, we recommend that they line boxes with newspaper and do not overfill every box. Otherwise, the box is at risk of breaking and damaging your items. Follow this up by securing your box with strong tape. Pack items in a set order, with items you need to use right away at the top of boxes. Additionally, you should label every box for your own needs.

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On The Day of the Move

As you have hired CB Removals, we will take care of all the lifting and transporting your belongings. This will give you the chance to sort out important things such as sorting out bills in your property and giving it a final clean if required.  If you choose our full packing service, we can reassemble furniture and appliances for you.

Once you have made your way to the property and we have finished unloading our van, we suggest that you unpack one room at a time. It can take a week or more to sort out your belongings into their right place in your new home. So do not set unrealistic expectations such as having everything unpacked in a day as this could lead to unnecessary stress. You should also take meter readings on your first day to give to utility companies. We also advise relaxing afterwards and ordering a nice takeaway, so you can enjoy your new home.